Your Favourite Family Dinners

We are parents, who just like you, are using the information we have to provide the best care for our children. 

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Mealtime success is not defined by a clean plate.  Together we celebrate the small wins along the way that ensure our children are lifelong happy and healthy eaters.  

Here are our followers most loved family dinner posts of 2017:

fish broccoli pumpkin toddler dinner idea

1)   On the plate:  Fish, roasted broccoli with parmesan cheese, sweet potato and chickpea salad and a side of frozen corn. 

The journey:  I added the side of frozen corn, as a "safe" vegetable option for Mr A, as the sweet potato was served in a sauce that was new for him. After gobbling up his corn, he then ate all the fish and most of the sweet potato. He also enjoyed eating the parmesan cheese off the top of the broccoli. The chickpeas were dutifully picked up and put on my plate!

Coconut curry rice toddler dinner idea

2)  On the plate:  Coconut curry! 

The journey:  Mr. A doesn't mind a mild curry, but if it has been a while since we have had one, he can forget that it's "safe" to eat. Also, we often cook curries that look and smell different, so we need to treat each one like a new food. To help not overwhelm him, I served some plain rice in one section of his pate, as this is his "safe" familiar food. In another section was rice mixed with curry. He progressed through dinner LOVING the plain rice, then rice with a little bit of sauce and then began to eat the curry itself. The plain broccoli and the cauliflower? Still LEARNING about those!

Taco family dinner idea self serving

3) On the plate:  Beef, lentil, corn and carrot tacos with avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomato topping. 

The journey:  Do you do self-serve/family style meals with your kids? To be honest I don't do it all the time but when I do, I'm blown away by Mr W's response. He loves the independence and choice making (hello toddler!). He surprises us by putting food that he is still learning to eat on his plate.  Mr W had to have a few reminders not to take a bite of the tomatoes and put them back in the main bowl... He learned some manners tonight too.  I’m planning more self serving meals from now on! 

salmon, broccoli pasta toddler dinner idea

4)  On the plate:   Salmon and broccoli pasta with crushed almonds.

The journey:   Broccoli pasta has been an absolute winner in the past, but tonight Mr. A ate all his fish and only a few mouthfuls of broccoli pasta and almonds. Perhaps I was a little heavy handed on the broccoli this time around? Perhaps he just wasn't that hungry? Perhaps pasta bows are not as cool as pasta spirals? Who knows!

As usual, he was in control of how much he ate and I trusted that he had filled his tummy enough. No asking him to take one more bite, no bribes, no cheerleading. Just sitting down and enjoying a meal together, just like I would with anyone else. 

fun with food toddler meal ideas

5)   On our plate: Crumbed chicken, beans, carrot, zucchini, broccoli and sauce. 

The journey:  Mr. W wasn't too keen to interact with his veggies tonight so we made a face and, hey presto, someone liked to poke eyes! Although Mr W didn't eat the zucchini/eyes he was happy to touch and even bring it up to his mouth. I am so happy that the zucchini made the journey that far.

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Rachel Smith