Fussy Eating Games by My Curvy Mummy Life

For those of you who have only just stumbled across my blog I’ll introduce myself. I’m Samar, a mum of two boys aged 4 and almost 2. I’ve previously shared a few moments of my struggles with the Fussy Eating stage that I have been faced with. I can’t count how many times I’ve googled about why my 4 year old won’t eat the delicious meals I prepare. Healthcare professionals say it’s normal for children to become fussy after they turn one. Most online forums talk about either giving in or denying the children of the foods we think they shouldn’t be having.

So when I came across the adverts for the Learn to Eat. Love to Eat. Workshops I was intrigued.  These workshops have been developed by two speech pathologists and mums themselves; Nicole Wu and Rachel Smith. I’d already learned a little bit from what the two ladies from this business share on their socials. So I have finally made it to a workshop that was presented by Rachel

It was a nice small group of parent/carers. The conversation flowed and went in a few directions because we each had so much to share about fussy eating. I was expecting to hear similar stories to mine. But I wasn’t surprised to hear about the differences and the experiences that I couldn’t relate with. As we mixed and matched the topics on the day you may find this post a little uneven too.

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Rachel Smith