Learning and Loving the Art of Eating

By Curvy Mummy

It’s a great power when two Mums of toddlers join forces because they can relate to the daily challenges toddlers bring to the table. It’s even better when they use this power to help other #Mums going through the same struggle with their own fussy eaters. Currently two workshops are run for parents of babies and toddlers in Melbourne and Geelong.


Learn to Eat. Love to Eat social media accounts are set up with an aim to provide fun food ideas, meal ideas, education about starting solids, fussy toddler eating and a few funnies along the way. Here you will find real life food experiences from their own toddlers each week. The photos of their meals are 'real life' examples rather than staged and glamorous photos that are difficult to relate to.

So, from my own experience I never thought about preparing myself to help my children to learn to eat. I just thought you get the food ready and feed them. Also, I believed that we had to force them to eat what they were given. There is so much more to it. The lessons I teach spontaneously on a daily basis aren’t always getting through to my boys. I've repeated the class with them endless times and believe this is going to be the norm for a long time. Frustration amidst the mess and the cries of not wanting particular foods is soon forgotten by the end of it.

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Rachel Smith