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Making mealtimes a time to connect, learn and thrive

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Hi! We are Nicole & Rachel


With a passion for education and a shared love of learning, we specialise in helping families make mealtimes a stress-free and enjoyable experience. We teach fun and easy-to-implement strategies that can make mealtime success a reality for families everywhere. The best part? We draw on decades of experience working with children with complex feeding issues, current research, and our experience of being mums ourselves.

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Time to enjoy mealtimes.


Are mealtimes stressful for you and your family? Does your child refuse to join the table, show picky eating habits, or have meltdowns during meals?

Let us help!

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Empower your clients at mealtimes.


Our professional development will give you a deeper understanding of the importance of "how" to feed children and give you practical strategies to help families navigate mealtime challenges confidently.

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How we can help

Online Chewtorials

Learn at your own pace, with our on demand courses for parents and professionals.

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Parent Workshops

Gather your village and learn together with our in person or live online group training.

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Professional Training

Build your team's confidence with our in-person or live online team training and mentoring.

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Individual Support 

When more help is needed, you can work through one of our programs with 1:1 support.

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Upcoming Workshops

Join a live online event, hear the experience of others, and have your questions answered.

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Why work with us?


Trusted professionals, here to support and guide you through your feeding journey.


No fancy techniques, just a practical framework to tackle mealtime stress.


Feel empowered knowing you are helping your child be the best eater they can be.


Affordable and accessible training, available when you need it.

Make mealtimes a time to connect, learn and thrive.

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