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Why choose us? 

As speech pathologists, we specialise in understanding how the mouth, throat, and eating and drinking work. We focus on comprehending how your children eat and identifying potential issues when they're not eating well.

Fussy Eating Goes Beyond Recipes


Fussy eating is not just about finding the right recipes. Other factors, such as  senses, experiences, and even medical needs, impact how children eat. We take a holistic approach, supporting parents and carers to have a deeper understanding of what might be going on for their child, while teaching a framework that supports more positive mealtimes and encourages new food learning and fosters a healthy relationship with food.


Responsive Feeding Approach 


We use a responsive feeding approach to build a trusting relationship between the child and the person feeding them. This approach empowers children to understand their internal cues for curiosity, motivation, skills, and confidence and shows respect for a child's decision, communication, personal space, body, and sensory needs. 



Recipe of Mealtime Success


Combining years of experience and knowledge from various feeding courses, we have developed the "Recipe of Mealtime Success" framework. We use this approach as a solid foundation for learning to eat a range of foods or addressing specific feeding areas. 



Parent Education for Mealtimes


Parent education is a critical component of our approach. Without a clear understanding of how to support children during mealtimes, success may be limited. That's why we emphasize parent education and encourage regular mealtimes for consistent practice and development. 


What to expect

  • Easy-to-follow, ¬†practical, and interactive workshops
  • Learn about the underlying reasons behind ¬†mealtime challenges
  • Learn the process of introducing new foods
  • Receive practical strategies for reducing mealtime stress and expanding your child's accepted foods.
  • Access a workbook for a personalised mealtime plan
  • Discover additional support options

The Benefits

  • No more mealtime battles
  • No more doubting your approach to challenging melltimes¬†
  • Remove mealtime dread.¬†
  • Enjoy mealtimes that meet your child where they are on their eating journey.
  • Feel confident in helping your child develop their feeding skills and expand their food range.
  • Enjoy making mealtimes a time to connect, learn and thrive

Private group workshops for parents who care.

We offer a range of interactive private workshops for parents and carer groups, both online and in person. Learn how to help your family to not just survive mealtimes, but thrive.  


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It takes a village.

Learn with your village and support each other to thrive through more connected and joyful mealtimes. 


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