Mealtimes with Autism

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 Learn how to provide unwavering support for autistic children at mealtimes

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If your child's mealtimes have become synonymous with meltdowns and a narrowing acceptance of food choices, it is a clear sign that a new approach is needed.

Embark on a transformative journey with our concise 40-minute online "chewtorial", designed to reshape your perspective on mealtimes.  We teach using a responsive feeding framework and embrace neurodiverse-affirming practice. 

Who is this course for?

This course is suited to both parents of autistic children and the professionals that support them.  


  • Parents and carers of autistic children seeking solutions to mealtime challenges, such as :
    • Food refusal
    • Limited range of food accepted
    • Refusing to join mealtimes
    • Needing distractions such as the TV to eat
    • Stress and anxiety around eating and mealtimes 
    • Difficulties with the acceptance of different food textures, colours, brands etc
    •  Rigid eating behaviours  that are difficult to manage


  • Professionals such as therapists, educators, and health professionals, who:
    • provide support to autistic children and their families
    • are interested in developing a better understanding of how to help autistic children overcome mealtime challenges.
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Key Benefits:


Don't just learn mealtime strategies.  Learn the WHY behind them.  


Individual Autonomy

Our responsive approach respects each individual's autonomy.


Neurodiverse Affirming

Respecting a child's unique experiences & their right to feel safe. 


What will you learn?


This online "chewtorial" delves into mealtime challenges and focuses on the understanding and empowerment of everyone involved.  


Let's get started

Research Insights

Discover the latest research findings on feeding issues relating to autism, and foster a deep understanding of the challenges autistic children face at mealtimes

Identifying Factors

Uncover the underlying contributors to fussy eating in autistic children and how to address them effectively.

Physical and Sensory Aspects

Explore the intricate connections between sensory sensitivities and the journey of learning to eat.

Recipe of Mealtime Success

Learn the four crucial ingredients to creating a harmonious mealtime experience that nurtures both the child and their family

Practical Application of tools

Witness the Recipe for Mealtimes Success in action through a comprehensive case study, ensuring practical implementation.


Navigating Support

Become equipped with the knowledge and resources to access appropriate support when mealtimes become challenging

What is included?

Upon enrolment, you will receive:

  • 3 months access to our 5-part online video course.
  • 40 minutes of recorded learning content, broken down into 7 accessible videos. 
  • Access to accompanying PDF workshop materials.
  • Links to resources and references
  • Access to course transcripts
  • Access to post-workshop support (additional fees may apply)

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