Fussy Eating Workshop for Professionals

Gain confidence and practical tools to support the families you work with to have more successful mealtimes.

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Are you a dedicated professional working with families who have children who are struggling at mealtimes?


If you are a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Dietician, Maternal Child Health Nurse, Paediatrician, Family Support Worker, or Early Childhood Educator we invite you to undertake our transformative 2-hour workshop.

What you will learn

Understanding Feeding Behaviours

Dive deep into the world of feeding behaviors by exploring the physiological, developmental, and environmental factors that influence a child's eating habits.

Sensory & Physical Aspects

Discover the intricate connection between physical and sensory components in a child's journey of learning to eat.

Recipe of Mealtime Success

 Unlock the invaluable ingredients that make up the Recipe for Mealtime Success. Learn how each ingredient works together to support children to do their best eating.

Tackling Challenging Mealtimes

Gain practical strategies for applying the Recipe for Mealtime Success to those tough, challenging mealtimes that leave both children and their families frustrated.

Supporting Families 

Equip yourself with the skills to guide and support families in seeking the assistance they need when their child faces mealtime challenges.

Personalized Case Study

 Put your newfound knowledge into action by applying what you've learned to a personalized case study, reinforcing the practical application of your learning.

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What you will receive

2-Hour Workshop: Access to an engaging, recorded workshop led by an experienced feeding therapist. Immerse yourself in the knowledge and expertise that will elevate your practice.

Workshop Handbook: Receive a comprehensive handbook loaded with templates and resources to use with the families you support. These practical tools will become an invaluable part of your professional toolkit.

1:1 Mentoring (Optional): If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, take advantage of our optional post-workshop 1:1 mentoring. Additional fees apply, but the guidance and support you'll receive is priceless.

Why choose us?


Workshops are facilitated by experienced Speech Pathologists and are inline with current best practice.


We teach a framework that is easy to follow and implement.


No matter what your role or experience, you can support a family towards mealtime success.


Affordable and accessible training, available when you need it.

What to Expect

  • Easy-to-follow, practical, and evidence-based workshop.
  • Workshops cater for varying levels of experience in supporting families with mealtimes.
  • Gain insight into factors contributing to feeding difficulties.
  • Learn about the physical and sensory aspects of learning to eat.
  • Learn how to apply the "Recipe of Mealtime Success" to address mealtime challenges.
  • Receive a workbook for personalised case studies.

The Benefits

  • Gain confidence in helping families with challenging mealtimes.
  • Learn practical strategies for addressing fussy eating.
  • Gain a functional framework to guide goal setting and support families during mealtimes.
  • Our parent workshops are valuable resources for families on waiting lists and facing limited therapy time, and they work great alongside a personalised plan for follow-up guidance.

Ready to feel more confident to support families to have successful mealtimes?


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